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Marketing Div.【B to B】

▼ Marketing / Digital Contents

In our Marketing Division, we manage the sales and rental sales of CD, Blu-ray, DVD, and books of all genres to book stores and specialty shops across the country; distribute music and video for streaming on global platforms; suggest Korean and Western video content to local TV stations; and also license Japanese music, films, and anime titles to overseas licensees.

  • Overseas exhibition booths

  • Overseas exhibition booths

  • Outdoor release events

  • Mora Playlist

  • Contract labels

Consumer Business Div.【B to C】

▼ E-Commerce

Our Consumer Business Division sells merchandise with manufacturer-exclusive bonus features at online stores such as “Canime” and “Movican”. We also propose plans to e-commerce companies to produce one-of-a-kind products. Furthermore, we organize events for customers purchasing and reserving merchandise, as well as manage sales and accept preorders of sales items at concert halls.